2011 365 project

Last year I did a 365 project where I took one photo every day with the focus on bokeh. It turned out to be a real difficult project, as time was limited on most days and sometimes I had no more than 5 minutes to come up with a shot. However, I managed to get all 365 photos. Although it’s difficult to choose some favorites, here are a few of my highlights:

025/365 Invasion

Lemon-coconut cupcake
106/365 Lemon-coconut cupcake

Trafalgar Square, London
126/365 Trafalgar Square

Summer Palace, Beijing
135/365 Summer Palace, Beijing

219/365 Castlefest

Rolls Royce
247/365 Rolls Royce

Enjoying the autumn sun
267/365 Enjoying the autumn sun

303/365 Autumn

You can check out the entire set here.

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