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About us

Jan Zoetekouw works as portfolio manager and project manager at Capgemini on the portfolio of projects in the regions Benelux, Central Europe and Nordic. His hobbies are amongst others music, photography en travelling.

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Diana Zoetekouw works as marketing & sales manager at Peter Hahn. Her hobbies are reading, travelling, gardening en cooking.
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Where we have been

About this website

This website started in 1996. Originally hosted at the Digitale Stad Eindhoven, but since 2000 on our own Zoetekouw.com domain. In 2006 the website got tranformed into a weblog.

All photo’s on this site are my own and should not be reproduced electronically or in print without my written permission. If you are interested in using any of the photo’s, either for personal or business use, please contact me at jan(at)zoetekouw.com.

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