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What is Stock photography?

Stock photo’s are photos that are taken with the purpose of selling, without being commissioned beforehand. These photos are usually used to spice up editorial articles in magazines, websites and advertising.

What is Microstock photography?
With the rise of the internet, anyone could start selling and buying stock photos. But where could all those potential buyers and sellers meet? Microstock is a market for selling photos online. Most microstock agencies have low prices, but compensate this with high volume. With the arrival of microstock agencies more and more people start making money selling their photos online. Most photographers do this as a hobby, but there are also microstock photographers who have gone pro: they make their entire income selling their own photos.

How to start selling?
These are to my opinion some of the best microstock agencies for selling photos. They combine a fair royalty percentage with high volumes or with good prices.

How to start buying?
Most microstock agencies sell packages where a package gives you certain download rights during a certain period. However more and more agencies now also offer the possibility to buy just one photo (for a slightly higher price). The following agencies have a huge database of available photos to choose from:

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