Received spam?

Receiving spam that mentioned this domain?

First of all, lets be very clear: this spam didn’t come from us. If you check the headers on the email, you’ll see that it didn’t originate from our server.
This server is a family server, we do not send spam.
If you believe that you have received spam email from or through, please carefully look at the message headers. Basically, all of the header lines can be faked by the sender of the message. The only header line that you can really trust is the “Received” line that your nearest up-stream mailserver added (i.e. the mailserver of your ISP, or your own mailserver if you run your own).
Some senders of spam use “” as a faked sender. If you still have doubts who did sent you spam, please check the message headers or use the service.

What are valid email-addresses from

Mail from can be sent from the webmaster, Jan or Diana. All other email-senders are faked!

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