Winter is coming

Winter is definitely coming fast, this week the car windows were completely frozen and we need our winter jackets whenever we go outside. Although that doesn’t sound like good times, I always look forward to the arrival of the first snow as it provides lots of photo opportunities.


This year started with a late spring, but the autumn appears to start early. One of the trees in our garden is already barren. Despite all the rain and the lower temperature, autumn is still one of my favorite seasons. The forests get these vibrant and distinct colors, the paths are layered with a carpet […]

Is it (finally) spring?

Somehow this year springtime is delayed, more delayed, and again delayed. We even had snow on the last days of March and on April 1st (no joke!). But the sky is finally clearing up and the sun is shining again. It’s still freezing at night but at least we see some progress 😉 Hopefully the […]